Hydrolyzed Keratin Powder

Hydrolyzed Keratin Powder

Appearance:White crystalline powder
Molecular Weight:173.39
Molecular Formula:C2H2BrClO2
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What is Hydrolyzed Keratin Powder?

In the realm of beauty and wellness, Hydrolyzed Keratin Powder stands out as a potent ingredient, prized for its transformative properties. Gotten from keratin, a key underlying protein tracked down in human hair, skin, and nails, this powder holds tremendous potential for feeding and renewing different parts of our body. At Jiayuan, a main producer and provider of hydrolyzed keratin , we are committed to bridling the force of this regular fixing to convey top notch items that meet the different requirements of our worldwide customers.

Hydrolyzed Keratin Powder

Hydrolyzed keratin is a particular type of keratin that goes through an interaction called hydrolysis. During hydrolysis, the sub-atomic obligations of keratin are separated into more modest sections, bringing about a powdered structure that is exceptionally dissolvable and handily consumed by the body. This powder is wealthy in amino acids, especially cysteine, which assumes a urgent part in keeping up with the design and trustworthiness of hair, skin, and nails.

Ingredients and Functional Characteristics

  • Ingredients: It primarily consists of keratin derived from natural sources such as sheep's wool or feathers. It may also contain other amino acids and trace elements necessary for optimal protein synthesis.

  • Functional Characteristics:

    1. Hair Repair and Strengthening: Our product penetrates deep into the hair shaft, replenishing lost proteins and repairing damage caused by heat styling, chemical treatments, and environmental factors.
    2. Skin Rejuvenation: The amino acids in it advance collagen creation, prompting firmer, more young looking skin with further developed versatility.
    3. Nail Health: By fortifying the structure of nails, our product helps prevent brittleness, splitting, and breakage, promoting stronger and healthier nails.

Market Trends and Future Prospects

The market for Hydrolyzed Keratin Powder is encountering consistent development, filled by expanding shopper familiarity with the advantages of normal and reasonable fixings in private consideration items. As customers look for more secure and more successful options in contrast to engineered synthetic substances, interest for keratin-based details is supposed to rise further. With continuous innovative work, it holds huge potential for development in beauty care products, hair care, and skincare items, making ready for energizing headways in the magnificence business.


Product Name Hydrolyzed Keratin Powder
Lot No 240505 Quantity 460Kg
Manufacture Date 2024.05.15 Expiration Date 2026.05.14
Ref standard According with the enterprise standard
Items Requirements Results
Organizational form Uniform powder, soft, no caking Conforms
Color White crystalline powde Conforms
Smell With this product unique smell, no peculiar smell Conforms
Impurity No visible exogenous impurity Conforms
Protein on dry basis ≥98.0 98.6
Ash ≤3.0 1.5
Moisture ≤8.0 5.81
(Pb mg/kg)
≤1.0 Conforms
(as As mg/kg)
Total Arsenic
≤1.0 Conforms
(Hg mg/kg)
≤0.1 Conforms
Aerobic plate count n=5,c=2,m=10⁴,M=102 20,20,10,
Coliforms n=5,c=2,m=10,M=10² <10,<10.<10.
molds and yeast / <10,<10,<10
Conclusion The product conforms to the enterprise standard

Shelf life
Store in cool & dry place. Do not freeze. 
Keep away from strong light and heat. 

2 years when properly stored 


  1. Hair Repair: Strengthens hair follicles and repairs damage, promoting healthier, more resilient hair.
  2. Skin Hydration: Further develops skin dampness maintenance and improves in general hydration levels for a brilliant composition.
  3. Nail Strengthening: Sustains nails to forestall breakage and advance development, bringing about more grounded, more gorgeous nails.
  4. Protein-Rich Diets: The powder can also be used as a protein supplement in protein-rich diets, aiding in muscle repair and growth, as well as supporting overall physical recovery and maintenance.

Hydrolyzed Keratin Powder Functions

Application Fields

  1. Cosmetics: Utilized in hair care items like shampoos, conditioners, and hair veils to reestablish imperativeness and try to please hair.
  2. Skincare: Integrated into against maturing creams, serums, and moisturizers to advance collagen creation and further develop skin surface and solidness.
  3. Nail Care: Formulated into nail polishes, treatments, and supplements to strengthen nails and prevent brittleness and breakage.
  4. Supplements: Hydrolyzed keratin powder is also used in oral supplements aimed at supporting overall hair, skin, and nail health from within, providing additional nourishment to support their strength and appearance.

Hydrolyzed Keratin Powder Application


Our product is made in consistence with thorough quality principles and holds certificates including FSSC22000, ISO22000, HALAL, KOSHER, and HACCP, ensuring the highest levels of safety, purity, and efficacy.

Hydrolyzed Keratin Powder Certificates


1kg/Aluminum foil bag, 25kg/Drum. Or according to customer requirements.

Hydrolyzed Keratin Powder

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  • Exceptional Quality: Our product is derived from premium raw materials and undergoes stringent quality control measures to ensure purity and potency.
  • Innovative Solutions: With state of the art innovation and aptitude, we foster redid details custom-made to meet the particular necessities of our clients.
  • Commitment to Sustainability: We are focused on manageability and moral practices all through our assembling interaction, limiting ecological effect and advancing dependable obtaining.
  • In-house Manufacturing: With the advantage of owning in-house factories, we can better control the production process and quality, thus improving production efficiency and product stability.
  • Win-Win Cooperation: Establishing long-term and stable partnerships with industry partners, both internally and externally, to jointly promote the development and upgrade of the industrial chain, achieving mutual benefit and win-win.

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