Fish Collagen Peptide

Fish Collagen Peptide

Other name:Fish Collagen
Appearance:White or light yellow Powder
Solubility: Soluble in water
Certificates: ISO, SGS, and HALA
Sample: Availiable
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What is Fish Collagen Peptide?

Fish Collagen Peptide, a bioactive substance removed from marine fish, has exceptional regenerative properties that advance collagen union in the skin, prompting further developed versatility, hydration, and solidness. Besides, its interesting arrangement works with the maintenance of connective tissues, in this manner lightening joint torment and improving portability.

With its high bioavailability and similarity with the human body, it offers a comprehensive way to deal with skincare and wellbeing. Its capacity to invigorate the body's normal collagen creation restores the skin as well as fortifies bones and supports muscle recuperation.

Besides, it is a flexible fixing, consistently coordinating into different definitions like creams, serums, and dietary enhancements. Its viability in advancing skin wellbeing, joint capability, and in general imperativeness makes it a sought after resource in the excellence and health industry.

It is a bioactive protein extricated from the skin or sizes of fish. Through cutting edge handling strategies, collagen is separated into more modest peptides, upgrading its bioavailability and viability. Prestigious for its comparability to human collagen, it flaunts great ingestion rates, making it an optimal enhancement for different wellbeing and excellence applications.

Fish Collagen Peptide

Ingredients and Functional Characteristics

  1. Wealthy in Collagen: Fish collagen peptide contains a high convergence of Type I collagen, the most plentiful structure in the human body, critical for keeping up with skin flexibility and solidness.
  2. Bioavailability: On account of its low sub-atomic weight,it is handily consumed by the body, guaranteeing quick and compelling outcomes.
  3. Regular Source: Obtained from marine assets, it is liberated from counterfeit added substances and handily acclimatized by the body.
  4. Versatility: Past skincare,it upholds joint wellbeing, supports wound mending, and advances generally health.

Market Trends and Future Prospects

The market for collagen peptides, particularly those got from fish, is encountering dramatic development, driven by expanding buyer familiarity with the significance of collagen in keeping up with young skin areas of strength for and. With the ascent of clean magnificence patterns and the interest for normal, manageable fixings, it is ready to rule the market before long. As examination keeps on uncovering its bunch medical advantages, remembering its job for supporting bone wellbeing and muscle recuperation, what's to come possibilities for which are irrefutably brilliant.


Product Name Fish Collagen Peptide
Lot No 240405 Quantity 1000kg
Manufacture Date 2024.04.20 Expiry Date 2026.04.19
Ref standard GB31645
Items Requirements Results Method
Colour and lustre Creamy white to yellow Creamy white GB31645
Zi smell It has the inherent odor, odor and odor of the product Conforms GB31645
Condition Powdered or granular, without caking , no normal vision visible foreign matter Conforms GB31645
Collagen peptide ≥90.0% (Relative molecular weight <10000Da) 96.00% GB31645
Protein (in dry basis) ≥15.0% 17.90% GB5009.5
Ash ≤7.0% 0.3% GB 5009.4
Moisture ≤7.0% 5.18% GB 5009.3
Hydroxyproline ≥3.0% 8.82% GB/T 9695.23
Arsenic (As) ≤1.0 mg/Kg 0.054 GB 5009.11
Lead( Pb) ≤1.0 mg/Kg Non -detected GB 5009.12
Cadmium(Cd) ≤0. 1 mg/Kg 0.0023 GB 5009.15
Mercury(Hg) ≤0. 1 mg/Kg Non -detected GB 5009.17
Chromium(Cr) ≤2.0 mg/Kg 0.18 GB 5009.123
Total Plate Count n =5,c =2,m =104,M =105 30/10/10/30/10 GB 4789.2
E. Coli n =5,c =2,m =10,M =100 <10/ <10/ <10/ <10/ <10 GB 4789.3 
Conclusion The product conforms to the GB31645 standard


  1. Advances Skin Flexibility: It renews collagen stores in the skin, decreasing kinks and further developing skin solidness.
  2. Upholds Joint Wellbeing: By improving ligament strength and grease, it lightens joint agony and firmness.
  3. Speeds up Injury Mending: Its regenerative properties advance quicker wound mending and tissue fix.
  4. Supports Hair and Nail Development: Collagen reinforces hair follicles and nails, diminishing fragility and advancing development.
  5. Helps Muscle Recuperation: Fish Collagen Peptide powder upholds muscle fix and recuperation post-work out, improving athletic execution.

Fish Collagen Peptide function

Application Fields

  1. Nutraceuticals: It is a vital fixing in magnificence supplements, hostile to maturing plans, and joint wellbeing supplements.
  2. Cosmeceuticals: Generally utilized in skincare items like creams, serums, and covers to battle indications of maturing and advance energetic skin.
  3. Utilitarian Food sources: Added to drinks, protein bars, and snacks to help collagen admission and backing generally speaking health.
  4. Clinical Applications: Used in injury dressings, careful inserts, and regenerative medication because of its injury recuperating properties.

Fish Collagen Peptide application


Our Fish Collagen Peptide powder is manufactured in compliance with the highest industry standards and holds the following certifications:

  • FSSC22000
  • ISO22000

Fish Collagen Peptide

Why Choose Jiayuan?

  1. Premium Quality: Our product is obtained from the best marine fish and goes through thorough quality control measures to guarantee virtue and strength.
  2. Cutting edge innovation: Utilizing state of the art extraction methods, we convey it with ideal bioavailability and viability.
  3. Thorough Accreditations: Jiayuan items are supported by a scope of certificates, ensuring wellbeing, quality, and consistence with global guidelines.
  4. Customization Choices: With our OEM and ODM administrations, clients can fit it details to meet their particular necessities.
  5. Uncommon Client care: At Jiayuan, we focus on consumer loyalty, offering brief help, quick conveyance, and continuous help.

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