Oolong Tea Extract

Oolong Tea Extract

Plant Origin:Oolong tea
Appearance:Brown fine powder
Particle Size:500-3000 Mesh
Variety:Oolong Tea Extract
Application:Health Food, Beverage and Food
Grade:Food grade
Free sample:Available

Application Category

What is Oolong Tea Extract?

Oolong Tea Extract, known for its special flavor profile and heap medical advantages, has been valued for a really long time. Presently, current science has opened its expected in a concentrated structure: Oolong Tea Concentrate. At Jiayuan, we are glad to offer this regular mixture created from premium oolong tea leaves. Our Oolong Tea Concentrate embodies the quintessence of this worshipped refreshment, giving a helpful and strong method for outfitting its wellbeing advancing properties.

Oolong Tea Extract

Ingredients and Functional Characteristics

  1. Ingredients: Our Oolong Tea Concentrate is gotten from painstakingly chosen oolong tea leaves (Camellia sinensis). Through cutting edge extraction strategies, we confine the advantageous mixtures while safeguarding the uprightness of the normal plant.

  2. Utilitarian Qualities:

    Cancer prevention agent Force to be reckoned with: Oolong Tea Concentrate is rich in polyphenols and catechins, strong cell reinforcements that assist with combatting oxidative pressure and backing generally speaking prosperity.
    Digestion Lift: Studies propose that oolong tea concentrate might help with weight the board by upgrading digestion and advancing fat oxidation.
    Heart Wellbeing: Normal utilization of oolong tea has been related with worked on cardiovascular wellbeing, and our concentrate gives a concentrated portion of these heart-accommodating mixtures.
    Mental Clearness: The regular caffeine content in oolong tea concentrate can give a delicate jolt of energy and advance mental sharpness without the jumpy secondary effects frequently connected with espresso.

Market Trends and Future Prospects

The interest for regular, plant-put together enhancements is with respect to the ascent, and Oolong Tea powder is situated at the front of this pattern. With customers progressively looking for all encompassing ways to deal with wellbeing and health, the market for oolong tea extricate is supposed to encounter critical development before long. Its flexibility and far reaching benefits make it an important expansion to dietary enhancements, useful drinks, and skincare items.


Product Name Oolong Tea Extract
Lot No 240312 Quantity 500kg
Manufacture Date 2024.04.22 Expiry Date 2026.04.21
Extract Source Camellia sinensis Origin of Herb China
Used Part Leaf Solvents Water &E thanol
Ref standard According with the enterprise standard
Items Requirements Results Method
Extract Ratio 10:01 10:01 TLC
Appearance Brown powder Conforms Organoleptic
Taste Characteristic Conforms Organoleptic
Loss on drying ≤5.0% 4.34% 5g/100℃/2.5hrs
Ash content ≤5.0% 4.15% 2g/525℃/3hrs
Particle size 95% pass 80 mesh Conforms 80 mesh screen
Lead(Pb) ≤1ppm Conforms Atomic Absorption
Cadmium(Cd) ≤1ppm Conforms Atomic Absorption
Mercury(Hg) ≤0.1ppm Conforms Atomic Absorption
Arsenic (As) ≤1ppm Conforms Atomic Absorption
Ethanol ≤5000ppm 1536ppm GC
Total Plate Count ≤5000cfu/g Conforms CP2015
Mold &Yeast ≤100 cfu/g Conforms CP2015
E. Coli Negative Not Detected CP2015
Salmonella species Non-detected Not Detected CP2015
Staphylococcus aureus Non-detected Not Detected CP2015
Non-GMO, Non-Irradiation, Allergen Free
Storage Condition: Preserve in tight containers at controlled room temperature .
Packing 25kg in drum with double plastic bag inside
Conclusion The product conforms to the enterprise standard


  1. Antioxidant Support: Protects cells against oxidative damage, promoting overall health and vitality.
  2. Weight Management: Boosts metabolism and aids in fat burning, facilitating healthy weight management goals.
  3. Heart Health: Supports cardiovascular function and maintains healthy cholesterol levels.
  4. Energy and Focus: Provides a natural energy boost and enhances mental clarity without the crash.

Oolong Tea Extract

Application Fields

  1. Dietary Enhancements: Oolong tea remove is a famous fixing in containers, tablets, and powders intended to help by and large wellbeing and health.
  2. Useful Refreshments: Add a portion of oolong tea concentrate to caffeinated beverages, teas, and smoothies for a cell reinforcement rich lift.
  3. Cosmetics: Integrate oolong tea separate into skincare plans to tackle its cancer prevention agent properties for brilliant, energetic looking skin.
  4. Food and Refreshment: Improve the flavor and medical advantages of food and drink items with the expansion of oolong tea separate.

Oolong Tea Extract


Our obligation to quality is reflected in our confirmations, including FSSC22000, ISO22000, HALAL, Fit, and HACCP. These accreditations guarantee that our Oolong Tea Extract satisfies the most elevated guidelines of wellbeing and quality.

Oolong Tea Extract


Q1: Can I get free samples?

A: Certainly, we provide free samples.

Q2: Are there any discounts available?

A: Bulk purchases of quinoa protein powder come with discounts.

Q3: What is the minimum order quantity?

1 kilogram. Or contact us for more information.

Q4: What about delivery time?

A: Approximately 2-3 days after payment.

Q5: How can I make payment?

Bank transfer, letter of credit. Payment methods such as Western Union, PayPal, etc., are all acceptable.

Q6: What types of packaging do you offer?

1kg/Aluminum foil bag, 25kg/Drum. Or according to customer requirements.

Q7: What are the shipping methods?

Sea freight/air freight. We collaborate with FedEx, EMS, UPS, TNT, various airlines, and major shipping companies.

Why Choose Us?

  • Premium Quality: We source only the finest oolong tea leaves and employ advanced extraction techniques to produce a superior extract.
  • Certified Excellence: Our certifications demonstrate our dedication to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: We prioritize customer needs and offer flexible OEM and ODM services to meet specific requirements.
  • Fast and Reliable Service: With a large inventory and efficient logistics, we ensure timely delivery and tight packaging to preserve product freshness.
  • Support for Testing: We provide comprehensive support for product testing and quality assurance, ensuring peace of mind for our customers.

Oolong Tea Extract

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At Jiayuan, we are focused on giving premium Oolong Tea Extract upheld by quality, uprightness, and advancement. Whether you're a dietary enhancement maker, drink maker, or skincare brand, our concentrate offers a characteristic and successful answer for address your issues. Experience the force of nature with Jiayuan's Oolong Tea powder and open a universe of wellbeing and health prospects.

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