Lysozyme Powder

Lysozyme Powder

CAS No.:12650-88-3
Product activity: ≥ 2.0000 u/mg
Appearance:White fine powder
Solubility: Soluble in water at 10mg/ml.
Certificates: ISO, SGS, and HALA
Sample: Availiable
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Application Category

What is Lysozyme Powder?

In the realm of natural health supplements, few substances boast the versatility and efficacy of Lysozyme Powder. Derived from the humble egg white, it packs a potent punch in supporting immune health and food preservation. At JIAYUAN, we pride ourselves on offering premium-grade product that adheres to the highest quality standards.

Lysozyme Powder

Ingredients and Functional Characteristics

Ingredients: Lysozyme Powder is basically made out of lysozyme, a normally happening protein found in egg whites. This compound is eminent for its antimicrobial properties, making it a powerful device in fighting bacterial contaminations and protecting food newness.

Functional Characteristics:

  1. Antimicrobial Properties: It shows good antimicrobial activity against a great many infinitesimal creatures, including E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus.
  2. Food Protection: Because of its capacity to hinder bacterial development, it is generally utilized in the food business to broaden the time span of usability of transitory items.
  3. Safe Help: Consuming it might reinforce resistant capability, supporting the body's protection against microbes and lessening the gamble of disease.

Market Trends and Future Prospects:

  1. Growing Demand: With increasing consumer awareness of natural health solutions, the demand for it is on the rise.
  2. Expanding Applications: Beyond traditional uses in food preservation, it is finding new applications in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and veterinary medicine.
  3. Research Advancements: Ongoing research into the therapeutic potential of lysozyme is fueling optimism for its future applications in healthcare.


Product Name Lysozyme Powder
Lot No 240501 Quantity 10kg
Manufacture Date 2024.05.03 Expiry Date 2026.05.02
Items Requirements Results
Appearance White fine powder  White powder , No
Assay ≥500万u/g 501u/g
Water content ≤8% 3.60%
Lead(Pb) ≤5 mg/kg <5
Inorganic Arsenic (As) ≤3 mg/kg <3
Total Plate Count ≤50000cfu/g 4600cfu/g
Coli group ≤30 mpn/g <3
E. Coli Non-detected Non-detected
Salmonella Non-detected Non-detected
Net Content Conform Conform
Conclusion The product conforms to the standard


  1. Antibacterial Activity: It really targets and obliterates bacterial cell walls, restraining bacterial development and multiplication.
  2. Health Protection: By improving safe capability, it upholds the body's capacity to fight off diseases and keep up with generally wellbeing.
  3. Food Freash: Integrating it into food items can drag out time span of usability by forestalling microbial waste, guaranteeing newness and wellbeing for customers.

Lysozyme Powder Functions

Application Fields

  1. Food Industry: It is widely used as a natural preservative in various food products, including cheese, wine, and meat, extending their shelf life while maintaining quality.
  2. Drugs: In drug details, it fills in as an antimicrobial specialist, adding to the viability and strength of meds.
  3. Beauty care products: Because of its antimicrobial properties, it is used in skincare items to hinder bacterial development and advance skin wellbeing.

Lysozyme Powder Application


At JIAYUAN, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of quality and safety. Our lysozyme is certified by renowned organizations, including FSSC22000, ISO22000, HALAL, KOSHER, and HACCP, ensuring compliance with rigorous industry regulations.


Why Choose Us?

We possess advanced testing equipment, including 3 Gas Chromatography of Shimadzu, 5 Liquid Chromatography of Shimadzu, 5 Agilent's Gas Chromatography, and supporting automatic polarimeter, Melting-Point-Measuring Instruments, acidimeter, pharmaceutical stability test box, Clarity Test Equipment , etc. These instruments meet our quality analysis needs from raw materials to intermediates and finished products.

For each product, we have a comprehensive quality standard manual and corresponding inspection procedures. Continuous monitoring systems are in place at every stage of production and inspection to ensure precision and accuracy. Additionally, we have obtained relevant product certifications from ISO, SGS, and HALA.

Lysozyme Powder


Q1: Can I get free samples?

A: Certainly, we provide free samples.

Q2: Are there any discounts available?

A: Bulk purchases of quinoa protein powder come with discounts.

Q3: What about delivery time?

A: Approximately 2-3 days after payment.

Q4: How can I make payment?

A: Bank transfer, letter of credit. Payment methods such as Western Union, PayPal, etc., are all acceptable.

Q5: What are the shipping methods?

A: Sea freight/air freight. We collaborate with FedEx, EMS, UPS, TNT, various airlines, and major shipping companies.

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In a world increasingly reliant on natural solutions for health and wellness, it emerges as a formidable ally, offering a myriad of benefits from immune support to food preservation. At JIAYUAN, we are dedicated to delivering premium-grade lysozyme powder backed by rigorous quality standards and exemplary service. Experience the difference with JIAYUAN – your trusted partner in natural health solutions.

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