Botanical source:Capsicum annuum L
Part of used:Fruit
Specs Available:Osthole 10%-98%
Appearance:Brownish red powder
CAS NO.:465-42-9
Molecular Weight:584.87
Molecular Formula:C40H56O3
Packaging Details:25kg/Drum; 1kg/bag or small package as costomer's requirement.
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What is Capsanthin?

Capsanthin, a characteristic carotenoid color tracked down bounteously in peppers, is loved for its lively red tone and various medical advantages. As a main supplier, JIAYUAN is focused on conveying greatness in each part of our item. With an exhaustive comprehension of its properties and applications, we intend to give significant bits of knowledge to possible clients, changing over dithering into certainty and trust.


Ingredients and Functional Characteristics:

Ingredients: It is an individual from the carotenoid family, overwhelmingly tracked down in red peppers (Capsicum annuum). It is incorporated by plants through the carotenoid biosynthetic pathway, giving the trademark red tone to ready peppers.

Useful Qualities: It has powerful cell reinforcement properties, fighting oxidative pressure and decreasing the gamble of ongoing sicknesses. Also, it shows calming impacts, upholds eye wellbeing, and may help with weight the executives.

Market Trends and Future Prospects:

Developing Interest: With expanding customer consciousness of the medical advantages of normal food added substances, the interest for it is on the ascent universally.

Extending Applications: It tracks down broad applications in the food, refreshment, drug, and corrective businesses. Its adaptability and regular beginning pursue it an alluring decision for producers looking for clean mark arrangements.

Arising Exploration: Progressing research demonstrates expected utilizations of it in nutraceutical details focusing on different medical issue, further driving its market development.


Product Name Capsanthin
Lot No 2022.12.02 Quantity 360Kg
Manufacture Date 2022.12.03 Expiration Date 2024.12.02
Ref standard According with the enterprise standard
Items Requirements Results
Appearance Red liquid Conforms
Absorbance 1cm 460nm ≥10 150.03
n-hexane (mg/kg) ≤15 3.3
Total organic residue ≤25 11
Capsaicin content ≤0.02 0.01
As (mg/kg) ≤3.0 <3
Pb(mg/kg) ≤2.0 <2
Conclusion The product conforms to the enterprise standard


  1. Cancer prevention agent Insurance: It rummages free revolutionaries, shielding cells from oxidative harm and supporting in general wellbeing.

  2. Mitigating Movement: It shows mitigating properties, possibly lessening the gamble of constant sicknesses like cardiovascular issues and joint inflammation.

  3. Eye Wellbeing Backing: Capsanthin, alongside different carotenoids, advances eye wellbeing by safeguarding against age-related macular degeneration and waterfalls.

Capsanthin Functions

 Application Fields:

  1. Food Industry: It is broadly utilized as a characteristic food shading specialist in different items, including sauces, marinades, dessert shop, and dairy items.

  2. Refreshment Industry: It adds lively variety to refreshments, for example, natural product juices, caffeinated drinks, and practical refreshments.

  3. Pharmaceuticals: Its cell reinforcement properties make it a significant fixing in drug definitions focusing on oxidative pressure related messes.

  4. Cosmetics: In beauty care products, it is used for its cancer prevention agent properties and skin-helpful impacts, adding to the definition of against maturing and skincare items.

Capsanthin Application


Our product is fabricated in consistence with tough quality guidelines and holds affirmations including FSSC22000, ISO22000, HALAL, Fit, and HACCP, guaranteeing the most elevated level of security and quality for our clients.


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