Bromelain Protein

Bromelain Protein

CAS No.:9001-00-7
Enzyme activity :1000GDU-20000GDU/g
Appearance:White powder
Solubility: Soluble in water
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What is Bromelain Protein?

Bromelain Protein, extracted from pineapple stems, stands as a beacon of natural health enhancement in today's world. With its multifaceted benefits and versatile applications, this protein has garnered attention from health enthusiasts and professionals alike. At Jiayuan, we take pride in offering premium-grade product, backed by cutting-edge research and stringent quality standards.

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Bromelain is a gathering of compounds found in pineapple juice and in the stem of the pineapple plant. It basically comprises of proteolytic catalysts, which are chemicals that separate proteins into more modest parts, helping with assimilation and ingestion. Bromelain Protein, got from this compound rich source, offers a plenty of medical advantages, making it an important expansion to your wellbeing routine.

Ingredients and Functional Characteristics:

  • Proteolytic Enzymes: Bromelain Protein contains proteases such as stem bromelain, fruit bromelain, and ananain, which assist in protein digestion.
  • Anti-inflammatory Properties: It potent anti-inflammatory effects, making it useful in managing conditions such as arthritis and sports injuries.
  • Digestive Aid: Due to its ability to break down proteins, bromelain aids in digestion and may alleviate symptoms of indigestion and bloating.
  • Immune Support: Research suggests that bromelain may bolster immune function, potentially reducing the severity and duration of colds and other infections.

Market Trends and Future Prospects:

  • Growing Demand: With the increasing preference for natural remedies and supplements, the demand for bromelain psrotein is on the rise.
  • Expanding Applications: Bromelain's diverse range of benefits has led to its incorporation into various industries, including healthcare, cosmetics, and food processing.
  • Research Advancements: Ongoing research into Bromelain's therapeutic properties continues to uncover new potential applications, driving its future growth prospects.


Product Name Bromelain Protein
Lot No 240414 Quantity 130kg
Manufacture Date 2024.05.15 Expiry Date 2026.05.14
Extract Source Pineapple stem Origin China
Ref standard According with the enterprise standard
Items Requirements Results Method
Appearance Off-white or light yellow powder Conforms Visual
Odor Characteristic Characteristic Organoleptic
Loss on drying ≤10.0g/100g 6.11g/100g USP39<731>
Bromelain activity ≥1800 GDU/g 1850 GDU/g GDU method
Residue of ignition 6.0g/100g 3.2g/100g USP39<281>
Lead(Pb) ≤5.0mg/kg Conforms USP39<233>ICP-MS
Cadmium(Cd) ≤1.0mg/kg Conforms USP39<233>ICP-MS
Mercury(Hg) ≤3.0mg/kg Conforms USP39<233>ICP-MS
Arsenic (As) ≤1.5mg/kg Conforms USP39<233>ICP-MS
Total Plate Count ≤10000cfu/g 40cfu/g USP39<61>
Mold &Yeast ≤100 cfu/g 10cfu/g USP39<61>
E. Coli Negative Not Detected USP39<62>
Salmonella species Non-detected Not Detected USP39<62>
Staphylococcus aureus Non-detected Not Detected USP39<62>
Storage conditions Sealed and store in cool and dry place.For long time storage,please seal and store at/below 5℃ to keep the enzyme activity
Conclusion The product conforms to the enterprise standard


  1. Stomach related Help:Pure bulk bromelain powder is notable for its stomach related properties. It helps separate proteins in the gastrointestinal system, working with the processing and retention of supplements. This can support reducing side effects of acid reflux, bulging, and gas.
  2. Calming Properties:Bromelain shows strong calming impacts. It diminishes aggravation by repressing the creation of supportive of fiery cytokines and different atoms engaged with the provocative cycle. Thus, bromelain may assist with mitigating side effects of incendiary circumstances like joint pain, sinusitis, and provocative inside sickness.
  3. Relief from discomfort:Because of its calming properties, bromelain is much of the time utilized as a characteristic pain killer. It can assist with lessening torment related with different circumstances, including sports wounds, post-employable agony, and feminine spasms.
  4. Safe Help:Bromelain has been displayed to adjust invulnerable capability by directing the action of insusceptible cells like Immune system microorganisms, B cells, and macrophages. By supporting invulnerable capability, bromelain may assist the body with safeguarding against diseases and advance in general wellbeing.
  5. Wound Recuperating:Bromelain has been found to upgrade twisted recuperating by diminishing aggravation, advancing tissue fix, and forestalling disease. It could be applied topically or taken orally to speed up the mending system of wounds, cuts, and consumes.
  6. Disease Avoidance and Treatment:A few examinations propose that bromelain may have hostile to disease properties. It has been displayed to hinder the development of malignant growth cells and actuate apoptosis (customized cell passing) in different kinds of disease. Also, bromelain may upgrade the adequacy of chemotherapy and radiation treatment while lessening their aftereffects.
  7. Cardiovascular Wellbeing:Bromelain might advantageously affect cardiovascular wellbeing by further developing blood dissemination, decreasing blood consistency, and forestalling the arrangement of blood clusters. These impacts might assist with diminishing the gamble of cardiovascular illnesses, for example, coronary episode and stroke.

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Application Fields:

  1. Health Supplements: Bromelain is commonly used in digestive enzyme supplements, immune support formulations, and joint health supplements.
  2. Cosmetics: Its anti-inflammatory properties make Bromelain a sought-after ingredient in skincare products, targeting inflammation and promoting skin rejuvenation.
  3. Food Industry: Bromelain finds application in food processing as a meat tenderizer and in dairy products to enhance texture and digestibility.
  4. Medical: Bromelain is utilized in medical applications such as wound care products, anti-inflammatory medications, and post-operative supplements.

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Q1: Can I get free samples?

A: Certainly, we provide free samples.

Q2: Are there any discounts available?

A: Bulk purchases of quinoa protein powder come with discounts.

Q3: What is the minimum order quantity?

1 kilogram. Or contact us for more information.

Q4: What about delivery time?

A: Approximately 2-3 days after payment.

Q5: How can I make payment?

Bank transfer, letter of credit. Payment methods such as Western Union, PayPal, etc., are all acceptable.

Q6: What types of packaging do you offer?

1kg/Aluminum foil bag, 25kg/Drum. Or according to customer requirements.

Q7: What are the shipping methods?

Sea freight/air freight. We collaborate with FedEx, EMS, UPS, TNT, various airlines, and major shipping companies.


At Jiayuan, we adhere to the highest quality standards, holding certifications including FSSC22000, ISO22000, HALAL, KOSHER, and HACCP. These certifications reflect our commitment to delivering safe, reliable, and ethically sourced bromelain protein to our customers.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Premium Quality: Our bromelain protein is sourced from top-quality pineapple stems and undergoes rigorous quality control measures to ensure purity and potency.
  • Innovation: We stay at the forefront of research and development, continuously improving our processes to deliver innovative and effective products.
  • Customer Satisfaction: At Jiayuan, customer satisfaction is paramount. We strive to exceed expectations by providing exceptional products and personalized service.
  • Reliability: With years of experience in the industry, we have earned a reputation for reliability, integrity, and professionalism.

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