Lipoic Acid Powder

Lipoic Acid Powder

Purity:≥99% HPLC
Ref Standard:According with the USP43
Appearance:Light yellow powder
CAS NO.:1077-28-7
Molecular Weight:206.33
Molecular Formula:C8H14O2S2
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What is Lipoic Acid Powder?

Lipoic acid powder, a potent antioxidant with multifaceted health benefits, stands at the forefront of nutritional supplementation. Derived from alpha-lipoic acid, this powder encapsulates the essence of cellular rejuvenation and vitality. At Jiayuan, we pride ourselves on delivering premium-grade lipoic acid product, meticulously crafted to empower individuals towards holistic well-being.

Lipoic Acid Powder

Ingredients and Functional Characteristics


Lipoic Acid Powder primarily comprises alpha-lipoic acid, a naturally occurring compound synthesized within the human body. This versatile antioxidant plays a pivotal role in energy production and cellular protection.

Functional Characteristics:

  • Antioxidant Powerhouse: Lipoic acid scavenges free radicals, neutralizing oxidative stress and safeguarding cellular integrity.
  • Metabolic Booster: It supports healthy metabolism by enhancing glucose uptake and promoting efficient utilization of nutrients.
  • Neuroprotective Properties: Lipoic acid exhibits neuroprotective effects, fostering cognitive health and mitigating age-related cognitive decline.
  • Detoxification Support: Its chelating properties aid in heavy metal detoxification, purifying the body from harmful toxins.
  • Skin Rejuvenation: Alpha lipoic acid promotes collagen synthesis, fostering radiant and youthful skin from within.

Market Trends and Future Prospects

The market for lipoic acid is witnessing exponential growth, fueled by escalating consumer awareness regarding proactive health management. With an upsurge in lifestyle-related ailments and a growing emphasis on preventive healthcare, the demand for antioxidant supplements like alpha lipoic acid bulk powder is poised to soar.

As scientific research continues to unravel the profound therapeutic potential of lipoic acid, its future prospects remain promising. From combating oxidative stress to ameliorating metabolic disorders, the versatile applications of lipoic acid underscore its indispensability in the realm of wellness.


Product Name Lipoic Acid Powder
Lot No 240309 Quantity 300kg
Manufacture Date 2024.04.08 Expiry Date 2026.04.07
Ref standard According with the enterprise standard
Items Requirements Results Method
Assay(Dried Basis) 99.0%~101.0% 99.85% HPLC
Appearance Yellow crystalline powder Conforms Organoleptic
Identification Positive Conforms FTIR/HPLC
Particle size ≥80% through 60 mesh Conforms USP<786>
Melting Point 60.0-62.0℃ 60.80℃ USP<741>
Specific rotation -1.0°~+1.0° +0° USP<781>
Loss on drying ≤0.2% 0.06% USP<731>
Residue on ignition ≤0.1% 0.03% USP<281>
Bulk density ≥0.3g/ml 0.45g/ml USP<616>
Tapped density ≥0.4g/ml 0.59g/ml USP<616>
Single Impurity ≤0.1% 0.024% HPLC
Total Impurities ≤2.0% 0.041% HPLC
Limit of polymer content Conforms to standard Conforms TLC
Cyclohexane ≤3880ppm 970ppm GC
Ethyl Acetate ≤5000ppm 80ppm GC
Toluene ≤890ppm Conforms GC
Total Heavy Metals ≤10.0ppm Conforms USP<231>
Lead(Pb) ≤1.0ppm Conforms USP<730>
Arsenic (As) ≤1.0ppm Conforms USP<730>
Cadmium(Cd) ≤0.2ppm Conforms USP<730>
Mercury(Hg) ≤0.1ppm Conforms USP<730>
Total Plate Count ≤1000cfu/g Conforms USP<2021>
Mold &Yeast ≤100 cfu/g Conforms USP<2021>
E. Coli Non-detected Non-detected USP<2022>
Salmonella species Non-detected Non-detected USP<2022>
Staphylococcus aureus Non-detected Non-detected USP<2022>
Conclusion The product conforms to the standard


  • Antioxidant Defense: Lipoic acid bolsters the body's antioxidant defense system, shielding cells from oxidative damage and preserving overall health.
  • Energy Metabolism: By facilitating ATP production, Lipoic acid enhances energy metabolism, promoting vitality and endurance.
  • Glucose Regulation: It supports controlling glucose levels, making it an important assistant in overseeing diabetes and metabolic condition.
  • Neuroprotection: Alpha Lipoic Acid Bulk Powder exhibits neuroprotective properties, conferring resilience against neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.
  • Liver Health: Its detoxifying attributes support liver health, promoting optimal detoxification and liver function.

alpha lipoic acid bulk powder

Application Fields

  • Nutraceuticals: Lipoic acid serves as a cornerstone ingredient in nutraceutical formulations targeting overall wellness and vitality.
  • Cosmeceuticals: In skincare formulations, it revives and renews the skin, bestowing an energetic shine and fighting indications of aging.
  • Functional Foods: Incorporated into functional foods and beverages, Lipoic Acid Powder enhances nutritional value while conferring health benefits.
  • Pharmaceuticals: It holds promise as an adjunct therapy in pharmaceutical formulations aimed at addressing metabolic disorders and oxidative stress-related ailments.

Lipoic Acid Powder Application


Our commitment to quality is underscored by certifications including FSSC22000, ISO22000, HALAL, KOSHER, and HACCP, ensuring adherence to stringent quality standards throughout the manufacturing process.

Lipoic Acid Powder manufacturer


Q1: Can I get free samples?

A: Certainly, we provide free samples.

Q2: Are there any discounts available?

A: Bulk purchases of quinoa protein powder come with discounts.

Q3: What is the minimum order quantity?

1 kilogram. Or contact us for more information.

Q4: What about delivery time?

A: Approximately 2-3 days after payment.

Q5: How can I make payment?

Bank transfer, letter of credit. Payment methods such as Western Union, PayPal, etc., are all acceptable.

Q6: What types of packaging do you offer?

1kg/Aluminum foil bag, 25kg/Drum. Or according to customer requirements.

Q7: What are the shipping methods?

Sea freight/air freight. We collaborate with FedEx, EMS, UPS, TNT, various airlines, and major shipping companies.

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  • Exceptional Quality: Our product is meticulously sourced and manufactured to surpass industry standards, guaranteeing purity and efficacy.
  • Comprehensive Certifications: With a far reaching cluster of confirmations, we impart trust in the quality and security of our items.
  • Innovative Solutions: We ceaselessly put resources into innovative work to convey creative arrangements custom fitted to meet developing buyer needs.
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  • One-Stop Service: From manufacturing to distribution, we offer a seamless one-stop solution, facilitating hassle-free procurement and unparalleled convenience.

Lipoic Acid Powder manufacturer

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